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Vote Is A Bullet Digipak
Vote Is A Bullet Digipak
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Happysad history began in 2001 in Skarzysko-Kamienna, middle-sized city in the centre of Poland. Not very often debut albums receives such positive reactions as "Wszystko Jedno" released in 2004. The single promoting the album stayed for 33 weeks on playlist of Polish cult radio station – Trojka. What’s more, biggest rock magazine in Poland, Teraz Rock, put this album on their list of 50 most important releases in history of Polish rock music. Next two albums got even better response, and the band was ready to play their own show in venues of capacity over 1000 people. After 3 studio album it was high time to record live album – they booked Cracow ‘Studio Club" and in front of 1500 people gave amazing performance. Not long after the release date, Teraz Rock readers chosen "Na Żywo w Studio" as the best DVD of 2008. In 2009 the band prepared their 4th album – "Mów Mi Dobrze".

-Happysad is the band with very solid base of fans, one of the fastest careers in Polish rock music of XXI century!
-Very addictive, catchy rock songs, with melancholic vocals! The band calls its music regressive rock. Last studio recording was the best selling album in Poland in September 2007
-The band ahs already played almost 500 concerts during last seven years. This live CD/DVD may  give you a hint why almost every venue they play is sold out

"Happysad has an unbelievable group of devoted fans. This CD/DVD is a perfect gift for them" – Nuta.pl
"Happysad is one of those bands whose concert are so packed with people that you won’t even stick a needle among them. Not once did I witness it and the floor and ceiling were dripping with sweat. Remembering those moments I was the first on to check their live CD" – Muzyka.pl
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