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Vote Is A Bullet Digipak
Vote Is A Bullet Digipak
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The tale of PROGHMA-C began in 2002, when a group of experimental music aficionados crossed their paths of musical exploration.  Three individuals decided to merge three different fields of experience into a single entity. The love for music, the energy and the will to create an alternative world of sound were - and remain to this day - the driving force of PROGHMA-C. PROGHMA-C is subject to constant metamorphoses, experiments, and most of all, the incessant will to create music, which will always remain an undiscovered realm of beauty. The band combines trance, ambient, rock, pop, new age, death, fusion and progressive influences to form their own unique sound. After a few years of finding their own way, with vocals as the fourth ingredient, PROGHMA-C recorded their first EP entitled „Down In a spiral” (2005). Although „Down In a spiral” was never published by a record label, it has received positive acclaim among fans of the genre in Poland and abroad. The year 2008 was a milestone for PROGHMA-C. The band recorded their first LP ”Bar-do Travel” supervised by Szymon Czech in Studio X in Olsztyn. PROGHMA-C concerts create a mystical, trance-like atmosphere of a multi-media spectacle (live visualizations) combined with guest performances by artist representing many different, sometimes unexpected art forms. The band toured with Blindead, performed alongside bands like Meshuggah, Cynic, Voivod, Anathema, The Ocean, Apocalyptica ,or Frontside and was well received by the public. The aim of PROGHMA-C is musical evolution, live concerts and enhancing the palette of our musical  universe. 


Piotr-BOB-Gibner (Vocals)
Pawel-SMAGA-Smakulski (Guitar & Synth)
Lukasz-KUMAN-Kumanski (Drums)
Michal -WASKI-Gooretzky (Bass)
Bar-do Travel
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