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Vote Is A Bullet Digipak
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Thy Disease was formed in 1999 in Cracow, Poland. The first demo called "Art Of Decadence" was recorded in December the same year. It consisted of four songs, which were composed by Yanuary. In December 1999 Thy Disease won the second prize on "Metal Millenium Party" - a metal contest for new talents in Cracow. After having composed music for the regular album Thy Disease concluded the contract with a Polish label - Metal Mind Productions and entered the studio. That contract guaranteed release of three LP's. In 2001 Thy Disease album called "Devilish Act Of Creation" was released.  The readers of Polish edition of Metal Hammer mag. voted Thy Disease the best Polish debut act. In a similar ranking and the same category in Mystic Art and Thrash'em All it hit the fifth and sixth position. In March 2002 Thy Disease gave a concert on Metalmania which is definitely the biggest Polish metal festival, along with Paradise Lost, Cannibal Corpse, Moonspell and Tiamat.
In September 2002 the second album "Cold Skin Obssesion" was released. The same month, along with Vader, Krisiun and Decapitated, Thy Disease gave a concert in Cracow TV studio. The gig was recorded and released as a DVD/VHS. The material called "Extreme Obssesion Live" includes few bonuses, like unpublished songs from the first demo or Vader's cover - "Sothis".  In the winter 2003 and 2004 Thy Disease was recording it's third album called "Neurotic World Of Guilt". The LP got very enthusiastic reviews in music magazines around the world. It was also the last album released for Metal Mind Productions.
In October 2005 Thy Disease signed a new deal with Empire Records which released bands fourth album "Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses)" in March 2006. Second half of 2006 brought many shows that band was performing in France, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic or Ukraine. Thy Disease played also tours in Poland and Russia. In summer 2009 the band was working on their 5th album and secured a deal with Mystic Production.

Anshur Za
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